Blow Up

I am sitting behind my computer, watching a small movie I've just compiled, and I don’t understand what has been happening to me today.

Early this afternoon, the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door, hoping that it was my Mom, but instead it was my grandmother.

“Roland, could we have a word, sweetheart? It’s about your mother: she’s in a terrible state…”. My heart cringed: this was exactly what I had been afraid of. But I opened the door to let her in .

That morning, my mother had visited me in my dorm, and by coincidence, she had found out about my bondage gear. I had forgotten to lock the Forbidden Closet, and as she was looking for a place to hang her coat, I was in the kitchen. As I returned in the room, I found her frozen, a look of disbelief on her face.

RP Short Stories

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